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Alia Laura Bale

About Me

For quite some time, I was navigating life on auto-pilot, spending most of my time building a successful career and family. Then my life journey unexpectedly led me to very challenging crossroads; I realized that while I was doing well in my professional life, my relationships were not reflecting my core values. I was at a critical breaking point that required me to step back and look deep within myself to better understand my own energy. After facing the light and dark within me and others, I slowly began to rebuild my relationship with myself, heal and reprogram my mind, so I could empower myself and make healthier enlightened choices in my life.

In the process, I discovered astrology, numerology, several other personal development tools, I also reconnected with my own ancestral lineage healing abilities. I gained a better understanding of my own energy, my gifts, and my Life Path. I learned how to address my limiting beliefs and unhealthy patterns.


Now I consciously navigate my life, I rebuilt my relationship with myself and the Universe; I am focused on my soul growth, while achieving, and maintaining wholeness. 


We must be willing to embrace any trauma, setbacks, and challenges in life in order to grow and allow love and light to enter us through our hearts. This process allows us to relinquish control, break free from stuck energies, be compassionate, loving with oneself, let go, and let the Divine take over and transform us from within, so we can birth the best version of ourselves while embracing and embodying our life purpose.

My own healing journey gave me the opportunity to learn more about who I am, connect with my true divine self, and allow the strongest part of my soul to emerge. It is through consciously exercising our Free Will that we can use a crisis to reclaim our true power and awaken our soul purpose. 

Today, I am using the knowledge gained in the process of helping myself to align with my purpose of helping others navigate their traumas, setbacks, limiting beliefs and challenges with clarity; help them heal, rediscover themselves, remain centered in a place of Self-Love, so they can grow, empower themselves and evolve in the process.

The most important thing when going through hardship is to have the courage to love yourself enough to confront your darkest fears, release them, grieve, forgive, and focus on your soul growth. 

Let me partner with you and lead you to transform your traumas, setbacks, limiting beliefs and life challenges into your ticket to a successful, happy, and abundant life! 

Many Blessings,

Looking forward to working with you!

Alia L. Bale

My Work

Using Astrology, Numerology and many other tools, I help you discover yourself, your soul essence, heal, transform, understand, empower yourself and evolve.  You will discover your true authentic self, learn to see the beauty in your unique design and acquire the self-knowledge required to achieve success and freedom, while continuously evolving. You will achieve a whole sense of encompassing well-being; start manifesting the life you truly desire, a meaningful career, healthy and supportive intimate relationships, etc. You’ll start synchronizing your life with the rhythm of the universe. No matter the life cycle that shows up, you’ll have the tools to navigate it with confidence.


The intention of my healing work is to pair of with loving Souls seeking deep authentic healing, empowerment and transformation in their life, while willing to put in the necessary work, discipline and perseverance required to achieve successful long-lasting results for themselves.


In my work, I use astrology, numerology, intuition, herbs alchemy and ancestral inherited knowledges to help my clients use the understanding of their unique energy signature to make empowering choices in their life, heal, transform and achieve self-mastery!


I also help my clients use the current planetary cycles and alignments to heal, transform, empower themselves and manifest the life they truly desire and deserve, while honoring their soul’s highest and best intentions.

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