Everything is vibration, is energy. It’s the most invisible thus most genuine current that there is.

Intuitive Services & Astrology

Alia Laura Bale

I was living the dream, a successful suburban life, with all the hallmarks coming with it, a successful career, a beautiful family, material success, and so on, when life suddenly threw me a curveball which placed me at an impossible crossroads.


I realized that while I was doing well in my professional life, my relationships were requiring much attention. I took the time to look deep within myself to understand who I am, I slowly rebuild my relationship with myself, heal and reprogram my subconscious, so I could empower myself and make healthier choices in my life.


Alia Laura is the light in the dark!


She took my soul  by the hand and brought it back on it's path with softness, respect and certainty! Her guidance, the power of her words from her channeling, her reading of the lunar cycles and my birth chart reveals divine messages. She shed light on my life path helping me embrace the healing of my mind body and soul, leading me to the accomplishment of my life mission with success. She helped me raise my knowledge and awareness of the invisible world and the infinite force of the rituals!

It is with deep gratitude that I write these lines while thanking the universe for her presence in my life!



Before Alia did my generic birth chart, we had casual conversations about my zodiac sign which helped me gain an appreciation for astrology but I wasn't entirely open to astrology. I have always been interested but had some reservations about learning.  Alia helped me to understand its purpose, from her point of view. Alia truly loves from her core and wants the best for others. She has been patient with me and my growth and has invested in my well-being ever since knowing her. What more could a person ask for in a friend or a coach or a service provider? Because of the nature of her work, it is important to be able to communicate truth and observations in a loving way. Alia has this balanced out well and she works hard to understand her clients so that she can help them in the best way that's right for them.


Alia explained to me what my birth chart meant in its various elements and has kept open communication with me which has kept my interest in continuing to learn and trust her direction. Since having this birth chart summary service, I have started to listen to general tarot readings on YouTube. I have started to trust my instincts more and to use my intuition to find relevant videos and information that will continually inform me. The result of doing this has just made my confidence rise and propel me to making bolder and more precise decisions. I honestly would have never opened myself up to it without her guidance and gentle prompting for me to question some of my own fears about it. As a beginner to astrology, I would definitely recommend Alia as she has the grace, patience, and humility to go the distance with her clients. 


D Fish